Our Clients

Why New Level Resources

Reduced Risk & Lower Costs

New Level Resources enables our clients to reduce HR risks, make gains in employee productivity, improve retention, and contain employee and insurance costs. We have a long track record in helping our clients mitigate potential risk and exposure.

Value Added

Research shows that employers who invest in employee skills, knowledge and tools can gain 230% in productivity and reduce retention costs by 70%. Our solutions empower our clients to make gains across both of these key metrics.

Efficient & Convenient

Whether in-person or virtual, New Level Resources delivers customized solutions because there is “no one size fits all.” Our goal – help ensure your business is compliant and liabilities minimized in the most efficient manner, as we understand time is money.


We are exceptionally nimble, not just in how we deliver services, but in making them match your needs from day to day and year to year. New Level Resources customizes services and delivers them in flexible ways.

Team Diversity

The New Level Resources team combines diverse expertise - from building HR infrastructure to employee development and managing compliance. You benefit from an alchemy of team members working across the HR spectrum on your behalf.

Striving for Excellence

We get things done, while never sacrificing quality of service or support. We care deeply about your people and your success – and that means everyone, from senior management to each member of the staff. In that spirit, we strive for excellence in everything we do.
  • We appreciate New Level Resources’ ongoing wisdom, guidance and support.
  • In a number of cases our company was confronted with some unexpected emergencies. You have always been there as a stabilizing and professional partner.
  • Monica and her team have been a tremendous help to us for the last 5 years!